Zahia Rahmani

Can one write, must one write about the figure of a banished man?

Mousonturm Probebühne 3


“On 11 November 1991, my father committed suicide. He drowned. We lived in the countryside. Near Paris.
He had been a prisoner in Algeria from 1962 until 1967, when our family arrived in France. In 1991 when terrorism broke out in Algeria, the war came back to him. That year, my father was delirious about the war. He killed himself.
A few years later I dedicated a book to him, “Moze”, which was published in 2003. During the writing of this book,
I started a long diary that I kept in notebooks. I wrote these diaries throughout my psychoanalysis. This therapy has
been useful for my survival. It is of these notebooks, of what I buried inside them, that I will speak.” (Zahia Rahmani)

Duration: 60 min.
Language: French with English Translation and English