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Canned (99/63)

auf deiner Couch

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The Offenbach-based artists’ collective YRD.Works is well-known for its extraordinary, as well as expansive spatial sculptures. Whether it’s a cutlery forge within the Mousonturm Lokal, a festival on a stage built into a lake amidst the speculative wasteland of the Offenbach harbour, or the “Oper Offenbach” in the docklands, their works are always simultaneously artistic interventions and social encounters. Like for so many others, the Corona pandemic poses great challenges to YRD.Works. Yet, these three artists are taking it as an opportunity to change their working strategies and design a piece for the World Wide Web for the very first time. What potential and possibilities does this medium offer to create spaces that connect and empower artists, their performance and viewers despite “physical distancing”? Like earlier projects, “Canned (99/63)” blurs the line between entrepreneurship and visual design, playing with transparency and participation. Each day, the artists will open shop and entertain visitors for four hours via live stream at canned.works.

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