(c) Robert Schittko

Rimini Protokoll (Haug)/Helgard Haug


Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas. Nachrichten aus dem Zwischenhirn

Location: Bockenheimer Depot (Bockenheim)


“Please don’t take offense, it’s just Tourette”, is what Christian Hempel is quick to clarify from the onset, when he’s among people. He cannot control his rants, insults and motor tics. They are reactions to the world around him. The Tourette syndrome seeks attention. It craves confrontation and commotion. At first glance, it would seem impossible to create a theatre piece with Tourette: no text is safe; no movement can be repeated. Stage equipment has to be secured, special hotel rooms booked. In Rimini Protokoll’s new production, Christian Hempel steps onto the stage for the first time, together with musician and geriatric nurse Benjamin Jürgens and politician Bijan Kaffenberger. They also have Tourette. Collectively with musician Barbara Morgenstern, they put theatre to the test: to what degree can theatre tolerate an absence of intent? How much protection can theatre offer? And after the applause is over, it may become clear that this piece isn’t really about Tourette. It is actually about the audience, about theatre and about the fear of losing control.

For those who need more space of movement,
extra reserved comfort seats are available via regular presale. All tics are welcome. Information on the accessibility of the
performances under: chinchilla@mousonturm.de.

Duration: ca. 100 min.
A production by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Schauspiel Frankfurt and Rimini Protokoll

The purchase of tickets is also possible via Schauspiel Frankfurt