In her pieces, Fitri Setyaningsih walks the line between choreography, fashion and visual arts. She develops choreographic structures out of batik techniques and costumes out of plastic bottles that envelope the dancers like sculptures. Setyaningsih shares this form transgressive thinking and love for fancy outfits with her Berlin colleague Nicola Mascia, her partner in the Choreographers’ LAB. Setyaningsih and Mascia chose to take their shared interests as a starting point for encounters in which they explore the body and what encases it.
Visual artist and food researcher Elia Nurvista and Ex-Forsythe dancer Josh Johnson share a strong interest in food. For them, it is not only about flavour and good taste. True to the motto “You are what you eat!”, they instead delve into the eating habits of Indonesia, Germany and the USA and explore their physical and socio-political implications.

Supported by: Tanzfabrik Berlin