Teatro de Narradores


Cidade Fim, Cidade Coro, Cidade Reverso * Final City, Choir City, Reverse City

Mousonturm Studio 1


Since 1997, Brazilian director and author José Fernando Azevedo has produced various projects that explore the relationship between theatre and cityscape with his company Teatro de Narradores. Cidade Fim, Cidade Coro, Cidade Reverso consists of three episodes, which take the audience on a journey into the former working-class neighbourhood of Bixiga in São Paulo with its mix of immigrants from Italy, Africa and North-Eastern Brazil – as a live synchronized and orchestrated film (Cidade Fim), in the guise of a documentary (Cidade Coro) and finally in form of a social sculpture, urban intervention and street party all rolled into one (Cidade Reverso).

Concept, Direction: José Fernando Azevedo * Dramaturgy: José Fernando Azevedo, Lucienne Guedes * With Márcio Castro, Renan Trindade, Teth Maiello and Vinícius Meloni * Guest Witness: Donizete Arantes * Music: Anselmo Mancini * A Teatro de Narradores and Vitor Placca production * Made possible by: Ministério da Cultura, Ministério das Relações Exteriores, Funarte – Fundação Nacional de Artes.

German Premiere. In Brazilian Portuguese with German surtitles or simultaneous translation