The evening of performance “Collective Works” by the Backstein Kollektiv from Frankfurt brings together three art works from the last two years in which dance, language, music and visual arts converge. The title describes both the evening’s contents as well as the philosophy behind this interdisciplinary group, which is committed to the power of the collective and which prepares its works through communal research.

The first section, produced in collaboration with the artist Marcel Appel, consists of a wooden, foil-covered, mobile, spatial installation upon which collage-like images and data are projected. Referencing themes such as fake news, data security, terms of use, cookies, advertising and data on social media, it explores influence and distraction through the internet. Section 2 is not a stage work, but a short film: ”Tracing Empathy” about the question of what it would mean for a society in situations of conflict if the individuals had greater empathy for their fellow human beings. The evening is concluded by the dance piece “Blue Pill? Red Pill?” that deals with issues of physical and political transparency and the price of whistleblowing, as well as with physical intimacy and attention.

Age: 14+
Languages: German
Duration: 70 minutes