Forced Entertainment

Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home Episode 21–24

auf deiner Couch

Since 2016 the British theatre collective Forced Entertainment brings the complete works of Shakespeare onto the stage and presented them to more than 35,0000 people., including Mousonturm in 2018. After having spent weeks separated by the recent lockdown, Forced Entertainment came up with the idea of replaying all the dramas once more as a nine-week online series using whatever was already in their own kitchens. Whether “Macbeth” (17.09.), “Romeo and Julia” (24.09.) or „King John“ (25.09.), all are performed with a full miniature cast in table top-format starring water bottle, razor blade and pillbox.

22.10. Measure for Measure: Cathy Naden

Duke Vincentio attempts to combat widespread moral decay measure for measure. But even show trials and the death penalty do little good.

23.10. Coriolanus: Jerry Killick

Anti-elitism in ancient Rome: plebeians versus patricians – and in the middle of it all, a rumbling stomach.

24.10. The Merry Wives of Windsor: Terry O’Connor

Spin-off from Henry IV starring Falstaff trying his luck as a gigolo in Windsor. Worth it for the title alone.

25.10. King Lear: Robin Arthur

The first edition of this inheritance thriller in 1608 is called: “The True Chronicle History of the Life and Death of King Lear and his Three Daughters” – with, frequently forgotten, “the Unfortunate Life of Edgar, son and heir to the Earl of Gloster…”

From the age of 15
Duration: 50 Min
Language: modern English
Livestream via FE-Youtube-Channel, afterwards available
On 25.10. artist talk afterwards on Zoom, information on registration follows

Streaming at Mousonturm Studio 1 doesn’t take place.