Bucht seitlich von Felsen begrenzt und einer grünen Wiese davor, zwei Boote fahren gerade rein.
(c) Áine O´Dwyer

Áine O’Dwyer


Concrete Cruise



In this exclusive commissioned piece for Tonfunktion, Irish artist Áine O’Dwyer embarks on a journey in search of the materiality of sounds from the Main River and Offenbach’s harbour. Between industry and new housing, people strolling along the promenade and passing boats, with the help of an old string synthesiser, microphones and amplifiers, she interweaves the soundscape around her with her own composition. The result is a musical interaction based on the principle of call-and-response that makes no distinction between functional sounds, noise and musical score.

Áine O’Dwyer works on the banks of the River Main. Follow your ears.

Commissioned work