(c) Nemanja Knežević

The meaning of public space is currently being renegotiated worldwide, and not just since the pandemic. Policy makers and urban society are increasingly focused on (re)designing urban spaces in an innovative and sustainable way. Urban development projects aiming to foster the synergies between economic, cultural and social purposes are gaining new attention and importance. And in this process, designers, artists, and creative agencies are at the center – opening up places of encounter and reflection.

‘Creating Cities’ brings creatives and decision-makers from Québec, all over Germany and the Rhine-Main area into conversation. The international conference will discuss the visions and means policy makers and creatives apply to shape our cities as attractive locations and social spaces, considering different aspects of relevance:

What strategies do urban development specialists pursue between economic development and a focus on the common good? Under what conditions do inspiring places emerge that foster innovation and new forms of collaboration? What role does the city play for creative people, as a living and working space and as the content of artistic debate? To what extent does the shaping of urban spaces with and through art, cultural and creative industries represent a locational advantage that contributes to the sustainable development of the city?

More information via nodeforum.org/creating-cities

Duration: 4 hours
Language: English

The event will be available on live stream. Registration information to follow.