Gisèle Vienne



Frankfurt LAB


Damp earth, a group of young people. Cool techno beats (Peter Rehberg featuring
Detroit techno classics and pioneers such as Manuel Göttsching) accompany the
development of a complex web of emotions, desires and tensions in the microcosm of a communal rave. Like a kind of collective ritual. In this piece by internationally acclaimed French-Austrian director, choreographer and visual artist Gisèle Vienne, love, violence, intimacy and aversion alternate. Danced slow motion, temporal distortion and loops sharpen awareness, dissecting the quasi-religious ecstasy of the group that is celebrating a feast as if in trance – well aware that the world has lost all form of spirituality. An emotional state of emergency, overwhelming.

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Duration: 100 min.
Concept, Choreographie, Stage: Gisèle Vienne
With: Philip Berlin, Marine Chesnais, Kerstin Daley-Baradel, Sylvain Decloitre, Sophie Demeyer, Vincent Dupuy, Massimo Fusco, Rémi Hollant, Oskar Landström, Theo Livesey, Louise Perming, Katia Petrowick, Jonathan Schatz, Henrietta Wallberg & Tyra Wigg