Ein junger Mann mit einer gelben Brille und pinken Herzen, die wie von seinen Haaren abstehen. Der Hintergrund ist blau.
(c) Mila Ercoli, (c) Alice Brazzit

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For “Cyberexorcism” the Catalan dancer and choreographer Núria Guiu worked with five performers and TikTokers. Millennials and Generation Z tend to be described as individualists without much interest in one another – but perhaps it’s just their place that has changed, and swiping, sharing and liking make it possible. On the internet and particular on TikTok there are videos of young people with friends, their grandmothers and relatives. The private sphere is turning into a public stage. And into a place from which you can communicate with the world and respond to others, far away from everything but close to it at the same time. TikTok is becoming a performative phenomenon as the language of a new digital folk dance in international DIY style – and this is how Núria Guiu explores the virtual community and brings it out of the net and onto the stage.

All Information: tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/en/calendar/cyberexorcism

Duration: 60 min.
In English
Mousonturm co-production

Tues. 01.11. Workshop with Núria Guiu