Tümay Kılınçel/Jungyun Bae

(Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf/KR/DE)

Dance Box



I’m your private dancer
a dancer for money
I’ll do what you want me to do
(Tina Turner)

This Dance Box is a walk-in jukebox. Once you’ve understood the way it works, you will never want to stop. For Freischwimmer, the team of choreographer and performer Tümay Kılınçel are installing their personal dance request machine in public spaces. A nostalgic scruffy camper serves as a miniature ballroom and visitors can choose from an illustrious mix of dances: Choose one and we will dance it live, here and now and just for you!

During the performance a video will be transmitted in the internet via www.dancinginthebox.com

No language skills required * Mousonturm-coproduction * Concept / Direction / Choreography / Performance: Tümay Kılınçel * Direction, Choreography, Performance: Jungyun Bae * Videoinstallation, Documentation: Cornelius Schaper * Assistant Director, Production Manager: Wicki Bernhardt * Sound: Yoonsun Kim * Lighting technology: Carina Premer * sponsored by:     Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, Cultuural office Frankfurt a. M., Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, City of Giessen, State capital Düsseldorf * in the frame of Intim – Freischwimmer Festival 2014/ 2015 * Production space: Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf *