(c) Katharina Seibt, (c) Flavio Karrer

Tümay Kılınçel

(Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf)


Mousonturm Studio 1


If the Orient – according the cultural scientist and pioneer of post-colonialism Edward Said – is a European invention, then shouldn’t all oriental dances, often just called belly dancing, also be considered as a part of European dance history? Why does contemporary dance, which usually implies openness and a diversity of expression, exclude certain forms of dance, in this case belly dancing? In her new solo, Frankfurt-based choreographer Tümay Kılınçel turns existing perspectives around and integrates Oriental dances into the genealogy of the contemporary. How can the exotifying body image of women in belly dance be emancipated socially and thus turn into a means of empowerment? How can Kılınçel as an artist use this body practice without being placed into a prefabricated box?

Duration: 60 Min.