(c) Cristiano Prim

In cosmology, dark matter describes a form of matter whose existence can only be proven by the effect of its gravity on visible bodies and objects. In the choreographic event that Cena 11 calls “Dark Matter”, it forms systems of muscles, skeletons and emotions as a secret symptom – everything that moves harbours potential for dance. Driven by intense rhythms, illuminations and images, the punks of the Brazilian dance scene radically transcend boundaries by conceiving of digital space as nature, as a natural continuation of our broken, imperfect bodies. High-energy movements discharge between organisms, sounds and pixels. “Dark Matter” will simultaneously take place live on stage as a European premiere and be streamed online worldwide.

Duration: 90 min.
European premiere

Note about sensory stimuli:
The piece works intensively with sound and lighting effects. Videos are projected on both walls and floor: Electronically generated sounds and beats are heard throughout the piece, and voice distortion is also used heavily and frequently. Noises and speech usually overlap. Again and again there are fast, intense changes of light and images (including flickering and flashing). In individual scenes, strobe-like lights are used, e.g. in the opening sequence.

Dark Matter stream on Vimeo

The stream is a supplement to the stage action and not a complete recording of the show.

10.02., 7.30 pm Vimeo-Stream

11.02., 7.30 pm Vimeo-Stream

12.02., 4.00 pm Vimeo-Stream