(c) Aran Kleebaur

Aran Kleebaur


Das ist kein Club. Das ist kein Rave.

Mousonturm Studio 1


Like a metronome suddenly overturning itself, like a circle of fifths twisting out of shape, like a dance floor that now has to make a decision – the solo performance “Das ist kein Club. Das ist kein Rave.” explores a transition in the club. As the DJ suddenly plays a punk song in her techno set, the dancing crowd changes in what only appears to be a homogenous way. In the transgression of genres things shift and compress. Aran Kleebaur rattles at these movements, addresses them and calls them out. In doing so, he continually processes the point at which the questioning of the self turns into a different kind of thinking, a point at which the self can no longer be assumed. And then the police shows up…

Duration: approx. 50 min.
Language:  German