Forschungstheater / FUNDUS THEATER

Das Orakel von Delphi – Experimentelle Zukunftsvorhersagen vom Nabel der Welt


ALL IN/Performance/Workshop

Jim Anton and Mika Duric (10 and 11 years old) are experts on Greek mythology. They know that the Oracle of Delphi was once considered the centre of the world and that it was created when the blood of the winged serpent Python was spilled and his clairvoyant abilities transferred to the site. They know that a goat, a holy spring, a pitcher with black and white beans, a three-legged footstool and a mysterious, trance inducing element are needed to create an oracle. But can you truly tell the future if you stick to the traditional procedure? Jim and Mika want to find this out in a workshop with the Forschungstheater team. Children and adults are invited to pose their questions about the future to the oracle.

In German * Oracle: Jim Anton and Mika Duric * Workshop Leaders, Production: Sibylle Peters, Matthias Anton * A Forschungstheater/FUNDUS THEATER and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm production. * Free admission, Register at: