(c) Julia Novacek



Das Theater – Nach dem Ende der Versammlung III

auf deiner Couch


In 2020, representative buildings in city centres stand empty. The theatres are closed, as are the concert halls, even the Römer, Frankfurt’s Town Hall is largely abandoned. The stubborn remains of an audience try not to get too close to each other while content is also dutifully streamed. But what if the theatres and parliaments had not been abandoned due to health risks but because politics and theatre were suddenly happening in other places, where people are cooking and rehearsing together as well as discussing and arguing. Where new forms of social organisation are being tried out? In the city’s kitchens and canteens, for example? After the end of the gathering a group of theatremakers explore theatrical possibilities that transcend what is recognised as representative public life. ‘The Theatre’ is part of the long-term project ‘Nach dem Ende der Versammlung’ (“After the End of the Gathering”), in which the performance group andpartnersincrime examines new forms of assembly.

Duration: approx. 30 Min.
Language: German and English

The link and personal password for the film on demand will be on your ticket. You can watch the film between Jan 25 and Jan 30.

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