(c) Swoosh Lieu

What bodies do we want to be? I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess – said a scientist. I am a ghost – says Judith. We want to be witches – say Swoosh Lieu.

Bodies are studied. Studies make gender. Gender assigns us roles in society. Witches (in German: “Hexen”) have been collecting alternative knowledge about the body for centuries and exploring ways of living beyond the nuclear family. Hackers (or: “Haecksen” – a self-designation of German feminist hackers, which resembles the German word for “witch” s. above) view gender to be technology and are researching how to re-code it. Swoosh Lieu conjure up the theatre as a place where “Hexen” and “Haecksen”, witches and hackers meet the ghosts of the future and the past. They search for new human-machine connections based on care. They hack body images, forms of storytelling, sight lines and technical stagecraft, weave new webs and design queerfeminist concepts of kinship. Dea Ex Machina is the goddess born of the machine, the spectre of liberation, the mistake as opportunity and the glitch in our imagination.

#1 Nothing is connected to everything; everything is connected to something

#2 We will not conform. We will not obey. We will not be silent

#3 We have always woven against hegemonies

#4 Being a witch means living in this world consciously, powerfully, and unapologetically

#5 Make kin, not babies

#6 And now… Let the whole godamn thing short circuit!


To get you in the mood, we recommend episode six of the MULTIFON postcast. Here, the duo Jana Zöll and Steven Solbrig as well as Katharina Pelosi from the performance and media collective Swoosh Lieu talk about what changes they perceive in the discussion about care and care work – within the cultural sector but also outside of it. Language: German.


Duration: 75 Min.
Language: German
Minimum age: ALL IN/ 16 +

Be aware: The production deals with Ableism, ageism, antisemitism, bodyshaming, chauvinism, Christian fundamentalism, hatred, Holocaust denial, homo-/inter-/transphobia, classism, war, physical and mental and sexual violence, abuse of power, bullying, nationalism, racism, sexism, sexual harassment,
As people react differently to these contents due to their individual experience and social positioning, we would hereby like to point this out before the performance begins.

Gemäß der ab 25.11.2021 gültigen Coronavirusschutzverordnung: Diese Veranstaltung findet unter 2G Regeln statt. Zum Einlass muss ein gültiger Geimpft- oder Genesenenstatus vorgelegt werden, inklusive eines amtlichen Lichtbildausweises. Teilbelegung im Veranstaltungsraum. Das Tragen einer medizinischen Maske (FFP2-Maske, behelfsweise OP-Maske) ist überall, auch am Sitzplatz, verpflichtend.

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