(c) Swoosh Lieu

Swoosh Lieu


Dea Ex Machina

Mousonturm Saal


It’s raining: In times of anti-feminist rollback, the dystopias of feminist pioneers have become reality. From here, Swoosh Lieu take the audience into a queerfeminist future with the help of an ensemble of stage technology. As theatre machinists and scene shop specialists, Swoosh Lieu hack into narrative modes, sight lines and systems of stage tech, build new networks, genders and machines, as they question concepts of kinship. In their call for the pleasurable blurring and responsible use of boundaries, they mobilize imagination as a machine for liberation: #1 We have always woven against hegemony. #2 The mistake is an opportunity and transformation means emancipation. #3 Technology will liberate and not oppress us. #4 Nothing is connected to everything; everything is connected to something. #5 Whatever the future may hold, we are ready and so is our rainbow.

Duration: 90 min.
Language: German
On 4.4. artist talk afterwards