Dries Verhoeven


thy kingdom come


A simple construction trailer stands in the inner Mousonturm courtyard. What looks like it was left over from the renovations, becomes the location for an unusual encounter between two strangers. After a period of silent contemplation, first words are spoken. They are exactly the ones that one always wanted to hear. For a short moment and in the smallest space possible, thy kingdom come creates a tiny world, in which a total stranger can suddenly become a loved one.

The work of internationally celebrated artist Dries Verhoeven transforms the spectator into a performer. Theatre and reality come dangerously close, making both tangible in a sensual, confusing and intense way.

By Dries Verhoeven * In collaboration with Astrid van Eck, Stefan Rokebrand, Carly Wijs, David Eeles, Nicole Beutler, Ronald Armbrust, Muriel Darras, Stéphane Facco, Rosa Sarti and Federico Grazzini * Production: Dries Verhoeven * Supported by The Performing Arts Fund NL

For one viewer. By personal appointment only: 069 40 58 95–20. Performance begins at the Mousonturm Box Office.