Deine Freunde


Gebt uns Eure Kinder Tour 2016

Mousonturm Saal


Over the last few years, the Hamburg hip-hop trio Deine Freunde have pioneered good children’s music with the release of their albums Ausm Häuschen and Heile Welt. Rapper Florian Sump, DJ Markus Pauli (Fettes Brot) and singer Lukas Nimscheck soon realized that there is nothing musically to be afraid of when making music for children: “The more grown-up our live sound became, the more fun the children were having at our concerts – kids bellies like bass too.” Album Nr. 3 is hot off the press: electro-pop and techno beats meet sold rap with intelligent lyrics suitable for children. And the Gebt uns eure Kinde tour promises to be a bombastic live spectacle… Your little ones are sure to sleep deeply after this concert!