(c) Mili November

The pandemic has made things very clear: we need other people and their physical proximity. Ultimately, the I only comes about through a You. In their piece “Der Klumpen”, the choreographers Laura Hicks and Hannah Shakti Bühler merge many bodies into one – nobody can say how many. This clump snuffles, vibrates, walks and crawls across a green playing field. It wears training gear, has no beginning and no end and no faces – but there’s a space inside where the team work flows together. As the rhythm of the piece changes, the form of the clump extends and dissolves. Single bodies emerge. The individual peels away from the mass, but never loses contact.

All Information: tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/en/calendar/der-klumpen

Duration: 50 min.
No language skills required
For everyone over 10