Kim Willems


Der verschwundene Mensch oder die Leere hinter dem Bart


Simply being oneself is very popular at the moment and yet horribly exhausting. Personal fulfilment requires a permanent investment into everything meant to be expressed in the process. Yet there may be a way out of this mess: the gurus, those professionally absent souls, who effortlessly wander the world, without having to identify themselves with their own selves. They manage the inner emptiness behind their beards just fine, while others struggle with their own egos. To verify what is left when the self becomes illusion, Kim Willems and Stine Hertel trawl the space between being and non-being. And while it rapidly evaporates before our eyes, the newly created emptiness appears to provide productive and poetic freedom. Quite adequate for establishing something in it: a parking lot, a game of lights and water, maybe even a starry firmament?
In German.

Concept, Text, Performance, Space: Kim Willems * Concept, Performance & Space: Stine Hertel * Dramaturgy, Outside Eye: Kathrin Felzmann * Technical Support & Dramaturgical Advice: David Rittershaus.

Hessische Theaterakademie