(c) Çağan Okuyan

With the help of the Turkish lute, Bağlama, and her complex, resonating voice, Derya Yıldırım draws listeners into a melancholy world of sound. The singer and multi-instrumentalist rearranges the rich traditional Turkish poetry over and over again and carries it forward into the future without losing sight of the past. She is active in various constellations and projects, including her band of international musicians Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek. Their debut LP “Kar Yağar” (It’s Snowing), a symbiosis of Anatolian folk music, modern grooves and hints of psychedelia, jazz and funk has been hailed as the “new German-Anatolian psycho-pop sensation” (Junge Welt). Derya Yıldırım will be visiting Mousonturm as a soloist, with her breath-taking voice and the powerful sound of her Bağlama.

Einlass beginnt 45 Min. und endet 10 Min. vor Vorstellungsbeginn. Bitte kommen Sie rechtzeitig.
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