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Carolyne M. Acen (Afroetry)

Objectification and Abuse (Tokenised Silence) / Detriment of Silence (The African woman’s voice)

Mousonturm Saal & Probebühne 1 / 4.OG


Objectification and Abuse (Tokenised Silence) – Intervention

This session by Ugandan poet, spoken word artist, author and activist Carolyne M. Acen has four poetry performances. It is about the voice of African women, and the contradiction between their sexuality and femininity. How silence has enabled abuse and protected abusers. It is about the daily struggles of African women and how much of this has been glamorised by society. It explores in depth how African women battle with culture, and restrictive norms. The effects of silence, the depiction of ‘the suffering woman’ and how they deal with it.


Detriment of Silence (The African woman’s voice) – Workshop

How does the African woman reclaim her voice in a society that treats her like a second class citizen? How do we amplify the woman’s voice? These two questions form the basis of this discussion which will talk about the injustices most African women face because they are afraid to speak up. How those who have dared to speak up have been victimised, sometimes bullied and forced into silence. This discussion will also bring to light what I and the ladies from the Echo minds poets are doing to retell African women’s stories and amplify their voices through performance poetry.




Duration: 50 Min
Language: English