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Mobile Albania


Die Änderungsschneiderei

Mousonturm Studio 2

Offene Werkstatt

Mobile Albania have invested in extensive analyses, interviewed many people, accumulated data and evaluated vibrations. Their conclusion: Frankfurt am Main desperately needs a tailor’s workshop. Now, Mobile Albania seeks to occupy this niche and meaningfully mend holes, patch cracks, re-tailor and recombine to grow new synapses between everyday routines, standardization and the production madness of fast fashion. They have emptied Frankfurt’s wardrobes and are now facing a huge mountain of out-of-business shirts and worn blazers. In preparation for their new project “The Collection” (in March at Mousonturm!), they will be turning them into new creations in their open atelier workshop and invite you to come visit them, linger and try out the emerging pieces. Further open workshop appointments in the city will be posted at www.mobilealbania.de

Language: German
On 6.2., 6.30–8.30 Uhr clothes-swapping in Cooperation with ShoutOutLoud in the Foyer