Die Akademie – Nach dem Ende der Versammlung II

Location: Arkaden vor der Kantine der Stadtwerke Frankfurt


Update: The event can’t take place. More information via www.andpartnersincrime.org

Frankfurt’s city council has left the Römer and now meets in the canteen of the municipal power plant – a place actually meant to satisfy supposedly private needs. But politics have never been conducted in the parliaments. The parliament is the stage for a virtuoso performance of a text negotiated in the front and back rooms of public life and rehearsed in committees. As silent witnesses of democracy, the citizens take their seats in the stands. But what happens to representative democracy when the grandstand is closed and the backstage becomes a performance space? Will the sovereign then sit in the canteen? And if so, in which one? andpartnersincrime superimpose two canteens via live stream and call on the multitudes to attend a meeting in which the city’s major issues are discussed simultaneously side-by-side with the official city council meeting.