(c) ISG – Institut für Stadtgeschichte, (c) Marc Behrens



Die Akademie – Nach dem Ende der Versammlung I / Ein Rechercheprojekt

Location: ada kantine


After the end of the assembly, it is time to rehearse the assembly. andpartnersincrime invite you to a joint learning session – in the place where people have always preferred to gather: the kitchen. When do human needs become political? Who are the caretakers of the assembly? And who puts the salt in the soup? While situated knowledge emerges from common resources, cooks, experts from political assemblies and plants have their say – in the ada canteen in the former “Akademie der Arbeit” in Bockenheim. A new place where residents, activists and homeless people gather to try out alternative forms of living together. “The Academy” is a public research format and part of the long-term project “After the End of the Assembly” in which the group andpartnersincrime deals with forms of assembly.

Further information and programme: www.andpartnersincrime.org