Das Foto zeigt ein Porträt von dem Schauspieler Devid Striesow vor schwarzem Hintergrund. Er trägt ein dunkelblaues Oberteil und guckt in die Kamera. Sein Mund ist geschlossen und seine rechte Augenbraue ist leicht nach oben gezogen.
(c) Tobias Schult, (c) Martin Lukas Kim

Devid Striesow/Stefan Weinzierl

The Tin Drum

Mousonturm Saal


Günter Grass’ novel of the century “The Tin Drum” (1959) is above criticism. This makes the realisation of this monumental work on stage all the more challenging. Hamburg percussionist Stefan Weinzierl has had an idea both simple and yet unique: he atmospherically accompanies selected scenes, read by actor Devid Striesow, and allows the various percussion instruments to take on solo parts of their own. Language and music tell the life of Oskar Matzerath, who stops growing at the age of three and experiences the adult world from an apparent childhood perspective. It is the story of a life – from his birth in Gdansk in 1924 to the end of the Second World War. And just as Oskar raises his voice to play the drums, Striesow and Weinzierl combine the strong expressive power of Günter Grass’ novel with the multi-faceted tonal spectrum of vibraphone, marimba, percussion and live electronics – a unique and intense text-music experience whose message once again takes on immense importance in an age of growing nationalism and populism.

Duration: 120 min. incl. break
Language: German