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Andreas Dorau

Die Drei Alben Tour inkl. Marinas + Bernd Begemann & Die Befreiung

Mousonturm Saal unbestuhlt


“Die Nacht der drei Alben” (The Night of the Three Albums) is something very special for all Dorau fans. A set list that includes all three songs from “Fred vom Jupiter” and “Girls in Love” to “Unsichtbare Tänzer” cannot be found anywhere else. For the first time since 1983, Andreas Dorau is back on tour with the girl’s choir Marinas and will moreover also be bringing along the entire band, featuring members of the “Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen”. The three select albums are “Blumen und Narzissen” (1981), “70 Minuten Musik ungeklärter Herkunft” (1997) and “Das Wesentliche” (2019). On his current disc, recorded with top producer Zwanie Jonson and friends such as Carsten “Erobique” Meyer or Gunther Buskies, Dorau brilliantly leaves out the verses and simply concentrates on the refrains. The result is a wild ride of dance, bubblegum, Leftfield electro, Junkshop glam and Yacht rock.