The Outreach Machine Strikes Again (Die Vermittlungsmaschine schlägt zu III)


Audio-Performance/Tanzplattform Rhein-Main/Discussion

After the show: the stage is empty where moments before something was happening. Together with the audience, Janna Pinsker and Wicki Bernhardt enter the venue again and search for remnants. During their seven-month outreach residency, the performance duo created space for taking joy in non-understanding and non-knowledge. After select performances, they invite the audience to test perception and personal strategies of comprehension. In June, the Vermittlungsmaschine (Outreach Machine) strikes twice with an attempt to locate the audience’s “Löxsi” with choreographic formations and with a tour of the stage area, shifting the focus on the sideshows of the performance.

*Löxsi: The feeling about a piece which one has just seen before one talks about it with others.