Personengruppe mit 5 Menschen über 70 Jahren in Frontalansicht bis zur Hälfte des Oberkörpers. Sie schauen in die Kamera. Sie stehen vor einer himmelblauen Wand, die die Hälfte des Bildes einnimmt.
Personengruppe stehend in Frontalansicht. Blicke zur linken Bildseite gerichtet. Vor ihnen aufgetürmte E-Roller in Mintgrün.
Personengruppe in Frontalansicht bis zur Hälfte des Oberkörpers, Blicke zur linken Bildseite gerichtet.
(c) Silke Briel

Caroline Creutzburg/René Alejandro Huari Mateus


Die Vielhundertjährigen

Mousonturm Saal


In Caroline Creutzburg’s latest work, this time created in close collaboration with René Alejandro Huari Mateus, the audience is contacted by “Die Vielhundertjährigen” (“The Many-Centenarians”). They, who are several hundred years old, are now inhabitants of a post-digital world. Based on their own fantasies and desires, the artists and the 65 to 87 year-old ensemble members have created their own science fiction narrative. Departing from the typical totalitarian-apocalyptic images and narratives of the genre, the “Many-Centenarians” show us a future in which the world’s body of knowledge is literally stored in DNA, in which the world can be printed three-dimensionally with fingers, in which humans consist only of eyes and float in existence. The play focuses on the autonomy and the transformative potential of ageing. Caroline Creutzburg and René Alejandro Huari Mateus conjure up a counter-myth of bodily technological progress: ageing becomes an act of hacking time and identity.

Duration: 60 min
Language: German