Wiglaf Droste


Entfällt: Die Würde des Menschen ist ein Konjunktiv

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Wiglaf Droste, born in Herford/Westphalia, is a master of short prose. Every now and then, a selection of his columns appears in book form. He has been awarded the Ben-Witter Prize for his columns in the taz and in the WDR’s Kritisches Tagebuch (Critical Diary) and the Annette-von-Drost-Hülshoff Prize for “his uncompromising satires and polemic commentaries, often presented with a cynical air, are miniature linguistic masterpieces of high literary value”. Meanwhile, he is based in Berlin, on the road a lot and often on air. In his new book Die Würde des Menschen ist ein Konjunktiv (Human Dignity is Subjunctive), Droste dissects the linguistic faux pas of his fellow Germans with enthusiasm, grace and elegance – the newspeak of “sustainability” and “transparency”.