(c) Zaungäste, (c) Charlotte Bösling

Susanne Zaun/Marion Schneider/zaungäste


Diesmal machen wir alle alles allein. Ein Chor vereinsamt. 6,6 Solistische Skizzen über das Sich-Bekanntmachen und Vermissen

Mousonturm Saal & Mousonturm Probebühne 1 (4.OG)


Marion Schneider have now taken this “small world phenomenon”, discovered by social research in the 1960’s, as the basis and starting point for the development of six different solos with performers, who usually stand on stage together as a choir. The six solos are simply sketched experiments focusing on the subject of loneliness. They are episodes in a series. Each of these episodes aesthetically stands for itself, yet – as in every good series – it’s all about the internal references that connect the soloists to one another and allow previous scenes to take on new meaning.

Duration: 3 h
Language: German

Details zum Ablauf und den einzelnen Arbeiten werden kurzfristig veröffentlicht