Documentary Practices as Collaborative Work

Mousonturm Saal


A Conversation between pong film and Sensory Ethnography Lab, mediated by the Graduate Research Training Group “Documentary Practices: Excess and Privation” with Diana Allan, Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner, Cynthia Browne, Vera Mader

What does it mean to conceptualize the making of a documentary film as collaborative work? Can we understand collaboration as a reflexive lens that also attends to the power relations and social differentiations inherent within the film’s fabrication? Such is the proposition of this event. Through this frame we aim to emphasize not only the formal aesthetics of the cinematic object, but also its infrastructure and the work expended through more-than-human relations. Emphasizing flux and movement over genre and medium, the graduate research training group “Documentary Practices: Excess and Privation” investigates the manifold practices that are involved in the emergence of the document(ary), a process that entails the social production of evidence effects, legibility, and expressive value, as well as their contestations.

In this event, moderated by members from the graduate research training group, we will explore how filmmaking emerges through contingent and negotiated relations between filmmakers and film subjects, (recording) technology, rhythms (of the sea), and the sedimentations of history; we will also probe how the infrastructural conditions of collaborative work shape the ever-shifting horizons of the documentary imagination.

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Duration: 90 min.

From 25.11.2021 applies according to the current Coronavirus Protection Ordinance: This event will take place under 2G rules. A valid vaccinated or convalescent status must be presented for admission, including an official photo ID. Partial occupancy in the event room. Wearing a medical mask (FFP2 mask, makeshift surgical mask) is mandatory everywhere, including at the seating area.