© Sarah Walk, © Adam Barnes

Adam Barnes/Sarah Walk

(Oxford/Los Angeles)

Double Feature

Lokal im Mousonturm


Adam Barnes still sports a full beard, which makes him appear older than his actual mid-twenties. Both his albums are outrageously pleasant, heart-warming and above all beautiful folk-pop – the debut “The Land, The Sea And Everything Lost Beneath” and even more so the second album “Vacancy At NASA” released in February – have everything that it takes to start a full-blown craze. The Oxford songwriter loves going on tour with other great songwriters, such as Matt Simons, Joseph&Maia or as it were: Sarah Walk.

Sarah Walk is incredibly talented. Her songs are already great, her melodies even greater – the perfect backdrop for her very personal lyrics about the human heart, which she performs alto on the piano. In 2017, she released her debut album “Little Black Book” and has since toured already with Travis or Tanita Tikaram. On their shared tour, Adam and Sarah are also stopping off at Mousonturm. And it promises to simply be beautiful!