Studio Braun


Drei Farben Braun

Mousonturm Saal bestuhlt


The Northern German cluster of excellence live: Jacques Palminger, Heinz Strunk & Rocko Schamoni on their first Studio Braun tour in 8 years! What no one in German show business ever believed could happen. But it’s true: To mark their major retrospective Drei Farben Braun (Three Colours Brown) in autumn, the 3 silverbacks read, sing and present the best of psychedelic avant-garde comedy with eagle tongues on stage. This means: unreleased prime material by the ton from almost 20 years of high-class performance humour! Normally, the amusement tax would be priceless, but the state has better things to do. Studio Braun 2016/17: emeritus, super nice, witty!