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Eisa Jocson


Manila Zoo


Manila-based choreographer and visual artist Eisa Jocson explores the entanglements of gender, affective labor, migration, and corporeality. In her works she also takes on the power structures and economies of gaze that are inscribed in theater and the entertainment industry. In her new piece Manila Zoo Eisa Jocson explores the intersection of humans and animals, of work, isolation and spectacle. When will Disney’s world turn into a zoo? The COVID-19 pandemic has made this question even more urgent. Who can move freely? Who is forced to live in one place, in a confined space? In Manila Zoo, happiness and horror merge. While the audience at the Gallus Theatre and the performers in Manila are connected live via a screen, they search for the political inscribed into theatre and make clear that animals and humans in isolation share the same psychosis.

world premiere:

October, 8 2021 Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Contact produktion und touring:

Katja Armknecht
+ 49 (0)69 40 58 95–29


March, 26 & 27 2022 Tanzquartier Vienna
April, 7 2022 Kaserne Basel

Past dates in 2021: BIT teatergarasjen, Bergen/Spielart, Munich/Tanzfestival Rhein-Main, Frankfurt am Main