Eine Frage der Zeit – Lyrik zwischen Dystopie und Utopie

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It seems only a question of time until planet Earth rids itself of humanity  or people annihilate each other by rediscovering old or inventing new hostilities. On the other hand, trustworthy statistics indicate that child mortality and the number of war dead have decreased over the last ten years and that more people have access to drinking water than ever before. The choir of Cassandras grows louder, powerfully eloquent prophets, critical poets, clairvoyant media and a few speculative realists come together in the mumblings of the oracle with science-fiction authors, neo-futurists and leading pessimists. In the background, the shadows of abstraction flicker and Hungarian musician Andy Vazul gives us an idea of what it could sound like when radiation-strung space junk collides with bored comet dandies.

Language: In German
Tickets available at www.fokuslyrik.de and at the box office
With: Ann Cotten, Tim Holland, Kim Hyesoon, Verity Spott, Gisela Oberbeck

An event within “Fokus Lyrik. Festivalkongress 7.–10. März 2019“. „Fokus Lyrik. Festivalkongress 7.–10. März 2019“ is an event of Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main with Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung, supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes.