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Núria Güell/Sophie Mendelsohn

Bodies, Art, and Protection: Empathy



Núria Güell: Radical Empathy
Dialogues from Practice

My art practice very often takes place in relation to others. And given that my practice is public, this implies displaying or exposing these other subjects – and my relationship to them – to public scrutiny. This forces me to adopt a position for which I can be publicly accountable, and for that reason – among others – I always try to ensure that the relationship is between equals. And what does that mean? Do I put myself in the identity of the other? Do I identify with the other? No: if I did, I would be an impostor. The only way to achieve a certain equality is through disidentification, by divesting myself of the identities that signify me and divesting the other of theirs. So, for me, if there is radical empathy, it can only emerge in its absence. In this presentation I will expand on these ideas using some examples from my practice, in which empathy – if it emerges – does so through divestment.


Sophie Mendelsohn: About the Ambiguities of Empathy. A Psychoanalytical Perspective
Dialogues from Practice

Empathy is not one of the concepts of psychoanalysis. However, it would seem natural that it should be mobilised to open the space of transference, which welcomes the patient’s word and allows it to unfold. But if it is indeed a necessary spring, in the form of a recognition of the value of the words addressed, it also constitutes a resistance to the assumption of singular words in its political dimension. In order to show its effects and the way it also affects bodies in a process of making them vulnerable, I will study two situations, both of which allow us to glimpse the impasses to which empathy could lead if it is not reinscribed in a complex process, associating identification and disidentification.



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