“En avant, marche!” is the second collaboration by the trio Van Laecke, Platel, Prengels – who marked up the successful production “Gardenia” in 2010. In the piece, a 30-person brass band breaches the sound barrier between genres. Light-footed and full of brazen humour, Platel, Van Laecke and Prengels play with clichés about traditional folk music – transforming the orchestra into a choreographic-musical model society of communal love and life.

Multilingual with German surtitles

Directed by: Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke * Composition, musical direction: Steven Prengels * By and with: Chris Thys, Griet Debacker, Hendrik Lebon, Wim Opbrouck, Gregory Van Seghbroeck (Bass Tuba), Jan D’Haene (Trumpet), Jonas Van Hoeydonck (Trumpet), Lies Vandeburie (Horn), Niels Van Heertum (Euphonium), Simon Hueting (Horn), Witse Lemmens (Drums) and the Musikverein Oßweil e.V.
­ Stadtkapelle Ludwigsburg * In cooperation with the Schauspiel Frankfurt.

in cooperation with the Schauspiel Frankfurt