Auf dem Bild steht der Sänger Enno Bunger im Profil vor einem blau-grauen Hintergrund. Er trägt ein weißes Hemd und hält einen hellbraunen Pudel auf dem Arm, der in die Kamera guckt.
(c) Jan Seebeck

Enno Bunger


Der beste Verlierer – Tour 2024

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Enno Bunger has been providing the soundtrack for life’s ups and downs for 14 years. In a mixture of pop, poetry, politics and punch lines, the self-proclaimed “full-time fluffster” has struck a chord with a steadily growing audience, which the former bar pianist has built up, especially live, in over 600 (!) concerts. In the knowledge that “the biggest shit can sometimes be the best fertiliser for art”, he confronts mortality, social ills such as racism and, as a sufferer himself, writes empowering anthems about and against the widespread illness of depression, and sings sometimes motivational, sometimes cynically ironic, sometimes angry protest songs in times of the global climate crisis.

And on his new album “Der beste Verlierer” (“The Best Loser”), Enno Bunger remains thematically true to himself and continues to sing against the darkness with a hearty dose of hope. Musically, he’s striking new strings: Indie, folk, rock and piano ballads are combined with electronica and rap somewhere between Bruce Springsteen, The Killers and Sam Fender. An unfathomable stadium sound between melancholy, protest and euphoria – enthusiastic, moving and emotional.

Präsentiert von taz., DIFFUS und SCHALL.

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