Toshiki Okada (chelfitsch)/Teppei Kaneuji


Eraser Mountain



After the great earthquake of 2011, a tsunami almost entirely
demolished the region around the Japanese town of Rikuzentakata and thousands died. A new construction project of gigantic proportions is now being built as protection against future tsunamis. In order to raise the ground level of the entire coastline more than ten meters, volumes of earth are being shifted to such an extent that even mountains in the area are being set in motion. Instead of taking tens of thousands of years, environmental processes are occurring in a geological blink of the eye. In his radically-poetic theatre vision “Eraser Mountain”, Japanese director Toshiki Okada subverts this human-centric approach to the problem: should people be allowed to give priority in such a fundamental way to the time that they require for their own lives?

Duration: appox. 130 min.
Sprache: Japanesewith German surtitles
Am xx.6. um 19.30 Uhr Einführung