PET_10, Tanzlabor_21’s tenth project ensemble, completely flies in the face of the usual way of producing dance: instead of transferring the choreography onto the stage only days before the premiere and then adding the set, lights, video and sound, Swoosh Lieu developed an impressive audio-visual structure with multiple stage equipment parts that provide the basis for the dancing: 6 inputs, 60 dimmer packs, 1 wide-angle lens, 33 overhead pulleys, several ladders, loudspeakers and blinds! The stage becomes the choreographer, who invites the 4 stage hands to come dance with it. Everything but Solo!

Concept: Swoosh Lieu (Johanna Castell, Katharina Kellermann, Juliane Kremberg, Rosa Wernecke) * With Jungyun Bae, Rose Beermann, Wiebke Dröge, Ekaterine Giorgadze * Dramaturgy: Friederike Thielmann * A Tanzlabor_21 / Tanzbasis Frankfurt_Rhein_Main production.