(c) Charlotte Bösling

imaginary company



Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Performance

Family formations, creation, images, a business venture. After studying schools and the courts, the imaginary company devotes itself to yet another institution – the family. From seahorse parents and cuckoo kids, unpaid reproductive labour and tax relief to biological, spiritual and chosen kinship, the collective explores different concepts and looks at the institution of family through the corporate lens. Who has always been there, who marries in, who gets hired, who gets fired? Do I like my colleagues, even my father-in-law? What is the company philosophy and what does this company produce? Is the union on strike again for more pocket money, paid overtime and a say at the dinner table? The imaginary companions journey in search of clues into the territories of different forms of families and coexistence.

ALL IN from the age of 13
Language: German
Duration: 70 min.
World premiere