Swoosh Lieu


Feminist Perspectives on Migration – Discourse, Positions, Actions

Lokal im Mousonturm


Discussion with Melisa Bel Adasme, Katherine Braun & Project Shelter as part of the production “Who Moves?!” by Swoosh Lieu

Migration is one of the most urgent issues in our day and age. Yet what are the images transporting the topic and which perspectives are being told? The debates often overlook the fact that women are likewise on the move, across borders and in political organisations. Their realities are little talked about in the media and gender-specific reasons for fleeing are rarely mentioned. In their newest piece “Who Moves?!”, the second part of the trilogy “What is the Plural of Crisis – A Crisis Report with Assigned Roles”, Swoosh Lieu deal with the subject of migration and invite you to join them in talking about perspectives, borders and political activism.

In German and English * Discussion with: Swoosh Lieu, Melisa Bel Adasme, Soziologin, Katherine Braun, Soziologin, and two activists from Project Shelter * Moderatorin: Stawrula Panagiotaki * Foto: Friederike Schmidt-Colinet