Auf dem Bild ist der Kopf einer Person zu sehen, die eine Kappe mit dem Schrift
(c) Matti Traußneck

FETISCH. poetische theorie performance



Matti Traußneck

Night is for conspiracy. Night is before the dawn. An owl cries out.

Drums: Ritual, revolt, heartbeat.

FETISCH is the exploration of unfreedom and the search for the drumming hearts, the moment before the revolution. Marx and Freud provide early fetish terms for analyzing social relations. The fetish character of the commodity and the neurosis of the bourgeois subject are both the point of reference and the object of critique in this performance. For the Western concept of the fetish remains colonial. Both in psychoanalysis and in the critique of capitalism and in the subsequent theoretical uses of the concept. Fetish critique is itself fetishistic: it takes the appearance of a thing for its essence and, in a circular movement, thereby creates both the essence and the appearance. In the shallows of this entanglement, we move with Rihanna as a rhythmic pilot as well as with a narrative voice that weaves theory and poetry into each other.

Performance in images, movement, poems and theoretical set pieces. Five acts on violence, capitalism, the bourgeois subject, the body and BITCHISM, negotiating death and freedom, division of labour and unfreedom, sex, deviance, the hideous triumvirate of race-class-gender and the organisation of the revolution that has yet to occurred.

—> More informations about the event and the entire festival programme via Nocturnal Unrest

Language: German

The performance welcomes everyone, but is primarily aimed at people who identify as Black women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans*, a-gender.