(c) Anton Sahler

Democratic Pleasures

Fleisch – ein demokratisches Opferfest – mit Leon Joskowitz, Sandra Knecht, Anton de Bruyn, Arpad Dobriban, Antigone Akgün, Onno Faller, Lea Magdalena Knecht, Samuel Baah Kortey, Pascal Küthe, Soya the Cow und weiteren Gästen

Location: Sommerbau am Kaiserlei (Offenbach)

People’s Assembly

Humans eat and kill animals. There are clear legal rules about who may be eaten and killed. But from an ethical point of view, the question is trickier. This is why in our second People’s Assembly we will think about the meaning that killing and consuming animals has for a society. Why is it legal to kill animals? Why were human sacrifices made in the past and why do religions continue to sacrifice animals today? What function does the sacrifice have in the process of forming a community? What changes when meat is perceived purely as food and we cease to be aware of killing animals? While talking about meat and sacrifice we plan to hold a democratic celebration at the Sommerbau and reflect on the relationship between humans and animals.

Language: German
Duration: 3 hours


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