Les Trucs


Der Fleischgarten

Mousonturm Saal


After four years of exclusively working for other artists, Les Trucs return with a new album and a piece of their own. The electronic duo, composed of two human robots and a lot of electronic devices – half flesh, half wires, half experiment, half pop – gets under our skin in their first music theatre production with an acoustic vivisection of the body! Joining Les Trucs, the liver, the guts and other curiosities conquer the stage and stride into battle to fight for sovereignty over the human body. As an invocation, musical happening and utopian campaign “Der Fleischgarten” (The Flesh Garden) is simultaneously the exclusive start of the European tour, which the duo will setting out on after the Frankfurt performances to promote their new album “Jardin du Boeuf” (Release: 4 May).

In German * Regie, Musik,Text*: Les Trucs (Charlotte Simon & Toben Piel) *
Chor der Organe: Alla Poppersoni, Daniel Degeest, Jonathan Penca * Stimme des Herzens: Beatrice Frey * Bühne: Till Korfhage * Choreografie: Else Tunemyr *
Kostüm: Aimée Marlene Mira Grünewald, Jana Maria Riedel * Lichtdesign: Matthias Rieker * Ton: Ingo Müller *Gedicht des Herzens: Nis Momme Stockmann * Eine Produktion von Les Trucs, in Koproduktion mit dem Künstlerhaus Mousonturm * Gefördert aus Mitteln des Musikfonds e.V., durch das Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main und das Land Hessen – Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst * Unterstützt durch das Frankfurt LAB und die Biometzgerei Spahn.

Foto: Jaewon Chung

World Premiere * Mousonturm-Coproduction