(c) Şafak Velioğlu, (c) Elisa_Limberg



Fluss (Stadt Land)

Mousonturm Studio 1


FLUSS (STADT LAND) takes the audience for an hour to two places simultaneously: as a group into an empty theatrical space and with the help of VR glasses – individually, thrown back on themselves – into a no-man’s-land on the wintry banks of the river Evros, which separates Greece from Turkey and the EU from the rest of the world. Only a few traces in the cinematic 360-panorama landscape remind us of the presence of people: a wooden hut, a half-finished border fence, a stray shepherd dog. The emptiness at the border river is the prerequisite for our coexistence at the centre of Europe. And it creates space for an acoustic composition that picks up the finest sounds, transforms them in order to finally bellow over the void. Between isolation and networking, FLUSS (STADT LAND) poses the question of who belongs to a society that offers protection, but is increasingly under siege.

Duration: 60 min.
No language skills required

Triple Ticket with “Land” and “Fluss” available: € 25 (red. € 12)
Attention: The showings of “Stadt” and “Land” on 17. & 18.1. can be attend the very same day.